Art Department & Props

After graduating from The Design Centre, Enmore TAFE, Magdalena veered into the Art Department field of production.


Having to of met Sound Master and Music Video Producer, Viking Lounge Mastering, while on set as a talent, she then went from Intern to Assistant to Co-ordinator. Developing her skills and furthering her experiences, Magdalena was able to work in the Production Team producing clips for 12x Country Music Award Winner Adam Brand, Third Winner of Australian Idol Kate DeAraugo, X-Factor's Runner Up Jason Owen, and many more upcoming Musicians.

Magdalena has used her experiences to assist with student Film Producer, Cameron Manion, moving forward into the Film Making industry. To continue and expand this into Commercial and Advertising Productions, TV Shows and other Film Sets would be something to move forward to.

Siren (2015) Short Film

Production Designer & Art Department: Magdalena Alexandra

Director & Film Writer: Cameron Manion

Project Prop Making


In 2012, at The Design Centre, Enmore, our team of five created the interior of a full size cabin. I helped with the creation of the fireplace and individual timber walls. The stone floors, bear head and body were created by others. The rest of the interior were sourced items from Auctions.


The fire place's backboard was firstly shaped, cut out and base built together. Approx. 5cm-10cm thick styrofoam sheets were broken into pieces and nail glued into place. After 24hrs, simply using sandpaper on the edges of each styrofoam piece, this was to form the stone shape. Later, plaster was strategically moulded over the placed styrofoam pieces, shaped and constantly dabbed upon to form a rock-like texture. Once all dried, fireplace pieces were nailed together and painted to look like so.

The wooden timber wall was first created by nailing large backboards to the connected scaffold. Individual plywood pieces were cut and with brown paint and a 'wood texture metal cut-out', sliding the paint across, back and forth, creating the wooden lines. Once dried, these pieces were neatly nailed onto the backboard and put into position.


'Daphne' was created for my costume idea for Halloween in 2016. She has been my Halloween prop ever since. Daphne was created from love, fake fur and a lot of bits and pieces.

'Daphne', the Halloween Spider, was created from two felt 'hats', piping wires, clear Xmas balls and a faux fur throw-over.

The two hats were covered in the the faux fur first and glued and stapled together. The legs' faux fur fabric were measured and cut into strips, sewn with piping wires inside, moulded, glued and stapled into place. The eyes were already into two halves, sandpapered to clean-up the shape, spray painted black and glued into place. The plastic had a texture on it already, keeping the black more 'matte' than ultra shiny.